Quotes My name is Mark Allen Walker. I've been here at Uncle Dave's House for eight months now. I saw their website and had to check it out. This is the best and cleanest place I've been in. The people are very friendly and has a real family atmosphere. It's also close to a mall that has a grocery store and other shops, which is very convenient. I?m very happy and am glad that I found this place. Quotes

Quotes I came to Uncle Dave's Housing in 2014 and with very little to my name. Uncle Dave saved my life and stopped me from going back to prison, along with my supervision officer. This is the best place that I have ever have been at in my life. I have a great place to live and a great job with Uncle Dave's Housing. Living here is the best thing that has happen to me. Thank you Uncle Dave I owe you and you have my gratitude. Quotes
David C.

Quotes Uncle Dave's housing has saved my life more then once I used to use drugs I hit bottom Uncle Dave's housing was there and provided a safe stable and supportive place to help rebuild my life confidence and self respect he is involved in AA and many other programs to help, thanks Dave you are a rare and special person Thanks J.mills Quotes
John mills
Safe place to rebuild

Quotes I was staying in a shelter in down town Los Angeles for six months it was time for me to take a step forward.I moved into one of Uncle Dave's house's and five month's later i get a chance of a life time to become a manager.This opportunity of helping people has been life changing and i truly thank Uncle Dave's Housing. Quotes
Michael Johnson

Quotes A great opportunity to get myself out of purgatory, back to life and stand on my own two feet. Uncle Dave was the only one around in the hard times to help me. I wouldn't have made it if not for Uncle Dave's Housing. Quotes

Quotes I want to thank Uncle Dave for allowing me to stay at his sober living in Pasadena. It is a very safe place and great for my sobriety. I love it as the people are great and there is no drama like everywhere else. Quotes

Quotes Uncle Dave gave me a second chance to get back on my feet. The guys are great. It's very relaxing here. I'm very happy I live here. Quotes
Happy Camper

Quotes This place paved the way for me to get off the street. I now feel I have a safe, clean place to live. I'm quite impressed with this place. Quotes

Quotes I came to Uncle Dave's a broken man. With the help of Uncle Dave"s a have a great life today. I live in a safe environment with great group of men Quotes
Jerry Dorris

Quotes Uncle Dave took me in on the Housing Pilot Program. I felt safe and at home. I have now moved on but will always begrateful to Uncle Dave for helping me out. Quotes